Cushyfoot  mountings have two rubber elements, used in shear and compression, to provide excellent stiffness characteristics for the isolation of a wide range of vibration frequencies.

There are three sizes,

A Series (Part No. 17-290) for loads up to 75 - 320 kg per mounting,

B Series (Part No. 17-213) for loads up to 270 - 1600 kg   per mounting

High Deflection (Part No. 17-346) for loads up to 630 - 1280 kg per mounting

S Series (Part no. 17/645) for load upto 250 -1800 kg per mounting

The Cushyfoot  mounting has the following features:

A wide load range from 50 to 1280 kg.

Stamped identification plates for product identification.

Strong castings for safety and reliability.

Dissimilar horizontal stiffnesses give optimum vibration isolation and motion control.