Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers

  • Metric in design.
  • Range of 12 sizes with max torque rating up to 38,296 Nm at 10 rpm with ratios of 5:1, 13:1 & 20:1
    Wide choice of output speeds obtainable by use of appropriate input V-Belt drive.
    Delivers 98% efficiency per stage of reduction due to precision machined and ground helical gears.
    Direct mounting on drive shaft does away with bedplates, couplings and alignment problems normally encountered in foot mounted gearboxes.
    Variants / Accessories.

    - Foot Mount / Flange Mount
    - Motor Mounting
    - Vertical shaft Mounting
    - Back stop
    Material handling equipment, Cement, Coal, Steel, Sugar Mills, Tea Gardens, Food Processing and Dairy Plants, Printing Machinery and other Engineering Industries.

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