Poly V Multi-Pull

Multi-Pull Poly V-Belts
Multi-Pull Poly V-Belts A Multi-Pull Ribbed belts offer high power capacity in a single flexible low stretch belt. The continuous high tensile synthetic cord makes maximum utilization of the face width and ensures a uniform tension through the belt.  
There are five sections available:

PH Fractional Horse Power belt for very light duty applications

PJ Low cost belt for light duty applications

PK Designed specifically for the automotive, it is also suitable for Machine Tool drives, etc

PL Medium duty drive belt covering a wide range of applications

PM High performance makes this belt unrivalled for heavy-duty applications

  • Extremely flexible
  • Contributes maximum returns with energy savings upto 6%
  • Vibration and noise free application
  • Uniform power distribution across the entire width of the belt
  • Long Service life

Section Effective Length
Le (mm)
Max. No. of Ribs
PH 650 - 2000


PJ 457 - 3100

Up to 610mm 48 Ribs
611 - 830mm† 24 Ribs
831 - 3100mm 36 Ribs

PK 600 - 3100 24
PL 1000 - 10000 50
PM 2400 - 10000 36

Download PDF for Product Range